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Lewis Diagram Questions

In order to be most effective for you, try to answer these questions before you look at the answers!

1.  H, B, C, N, O and F (all from the first row of the periodic table) all form compounds with H that we will encounter in organic chemistry. Draw Lewis diagrams of these compounds.

2.  Draw Lewis diagram for the following inorganic reagents: HNO3, H2SO4, and sodium azide.

(By the way, do you know the names of the first two compounds given above ?)

3. Draw Lewis diagrams for the following organic molecules: ethene, ethyne, methyl iodide, ethanol, dimethyl amine, propanone, ethanoic acid, dimethyl ether.

Answers ?

If you are struggling with these questions, then you should review how to determine a Lewis diagram.

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Dr. Ian Hunt, Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary