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Alcohols, Diols and Thiols Questions
Qu 1: How would you prepare 1-propanol from each of the following : 
(a) propene (b) ethylene oxide
(c) propanal (d) propanoic acid
(e) methyl propanote
Qu 2: How would you prepare 2-propanol from each of the following :
(a) propene (b) propanone 
(c) ethanal (d) 2-bromopropane
Qu 3: What are the products of the following reaction sequences ?
  (a) cyclohexene + OsO4 / tBuO2H / tBuOH / NaOH
  (b) cyclohexene + CH3CO3H then NaOH
  (c) E-2-butene + OsO4 / tBuO2H / tBuOH / NaOH
  (d) Z-2-butene + OsO4 / tBuO2H / tBuOH / NaOH
  (e) Z-2-butene + CH3CO3H then NaOH
  (f) What is the relationship between the products of the products of (c) and (d) ?
Qu 4:  What are the major products of the following reactions of benzyl alcohol with :
  (a) SOCl2 / Et3N
  (b) Na then add CH3CH2I
  (c) NaCrO4 / aq. H2SO4
  (d) PDC / CH2Cl2
  (e) Ethanoic acid / . H2SO4 / heat
Qu 5: What carboxylic acid / alcohol combinations are required to prepare the following esters ?
Qu 6: What is the product of the reaction of cis-1,2-cyclohexanediol with periodic acid ?
Qu 7: How would you best prepare the following ethers ?

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