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Isomers Questions

Qu 1 : Draw the constitutional isomers of C6H14.

Qu 2 : Draw the constitutional isomers of C5H10.

Qu 3 : Draw the constitutional isomers of C3H6O.

Thermodynamics Questions
Qu 4 :


Gasoline mainly consists of two isomers of octane: 
I = 2,2-dimethylhexane, ΔHc = -1304.6 kcal/mol and, 
II =  2,2,3,3-tetramethylbutane, ΔHc = -1303.0 kcal/mol. 
Knowing that the heats of combustion, ΔHc C (graphite) = -94.05 kcal/mol and ΔHc H2 (gas) = -57.8 kcal/mol, calculate the heat of formation, ΔHf for each of  the isomers of octane.
Based on this data, which isomer is the most stable ? 
Is this consistent with what you would have predicted ?

Answers ?

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