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This organic chemistry learning object allows you to work through a set of spectroscopy problems using an interactive drawing tool. After each attempt, your structure is assessed and you are given feedback to help you work towards the solution. Hints are available in many cases and worked solutions are provided.

The spectrocopy problems:

Each problem contains spectral data (mass spectrum, infra-red, 13C NMR and H NMR) for an unknown compound.
You are required to deduce the structure of the unknown compound that is consistent with all the data provided.
Some "general" hints are available to encourage you to look for the right information and to try to get you going. In addition, an online "tutor" will give you feedback on any wrong answers you submit. The problems start easy and get harder as you go.

We are working on adding more problems.

Last problem update : As of June 1st 2022 there are 60 problems (23 easy, 21 medium, 14 difficult, 2 extreme).

A screen shot is shown below, the drawing area on the left and your answer and feedback on the right

layout of the spec tool screen

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