Before you start :

JMOL is a free browser tool that allows you to INTERACTIVELY visualise and manipulate molecules in 3D.

In order to get the JMOL to work, you need JAVA on your computer.

According to a simple automatic check, it seems that your

If you do not have JAVA already installed, then you should be able to download it for free from the linked Website.

How to use the site:

Navigation tips:

Return to ContentsClicking on the molecule icon LEFT of the title on each page will return you to the MAIN CONTENTS page
Chapter 1 contents Clicking on the book icon RIGHT of the title on each page will return you to the individual CHAPTER CONTENTS page

Allows you to search the site for keywords or drawn reactions

The pathway envisaged for students is outlined below:
1. Look at the first page of each chapter, a summary of the key concepts
2. If you are unsure of a particular concept then go to the review materials on that concept.
3. Work through review materials as required.
4. Once you are ready, work through practice problems on that concept.
5. Using the feedback provided and based on your overall score, go back to the review materials if required.
6. Move on to the next concept and repeat steps 2-5.
Finally, when you are ready,
7. Move and complete the on-line assessment of the chapter content.
8. Once you get your assessment score, analyse the feedback and review any concepts as required.