About H-NMR sketch


Note you can add the information about the peaks in any order you wish.

1.  Enter the number of peaks in the splitting pattern you wish to sketch, i.e. enter the multiplicity. So for example, a singlet enter 1, a doublet 2 etc.

2.  Enter the chemical shift, d, in ppm where you wish the sketched peak to appear.

3.  Enter the integral for the peak you are sketching (note that this is the simplest ratio and if there is only one type of H, you should enter "1" for the integral)

4.  Click on the "add peak" button. Your sketched peak should now appear.

5.  Repeat the process 1-4 as many times as necessary to complete your sketch of the H-NMR spectra

6.  Once done, click the "evaluate button" and your sketch will be graded. If there are problems, they will be reported but only one peak at a time. If you need to redraw a peak, it can be deleted by clicking on it and the information reentered in the same manner as before.  For a peak to be accepted as "right", it needs to have the correct multiplicity, the correct integral and the peak must be within 1 ppm of the correct location. Once you are within these limits, the correct peaks will be sketched in red.

7.  If you can't get the right answer, you can hit "GIVE UP" (shame !)

8.  A short explanation of the spectra solution is provided if you hit the give up button.

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