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Our Organic Chemistry Moodle course sites will normally be enabled after the first lecture in a course each semester, therefore, you will not be able to log in to our Moodle system until then (at the earliest). In order to log in to Moodle you will need to have a UofC IT account.


In order to enroll yourself in Moodle, you will need a UofC IT account. If you don't have one, then you can request one (make sure you read the instructions carefully, especially for the required format of your password). This account creation process should be almost immediate.

Once you have a UofC IT account, then use your UofC IT username and password to log in to Moodle.

Hint: your IT username should be the same as the first part of your UofC email address : (you can't use your eID).

The only way for someone to know for sure what their IT username is is to go to, login, and click “Manage my account”.  This will clearly indicate your IT username and eID.


If you are not sure then visit IT help...(follow the link to "Manage my account" and log in and it will tell you your IT username.
If you don't remember your IT password, then you will need to get IT help...(follow the link to "Recover my account").
If you contact IT there is no need to mention Moodle, you just need to know your UofC IT username and password (Moodle is irrelevant and might just confuse the IT people and cause them to say they can't help, but they can).
We can't reset or recover your IT password, and Moodle can't send you that password if you have not logged in for the first time....


Go to the Moodle webpage and then either:


Moodle is organised based on a weekly calendar. The first time you enter your Moodle course you should read the information page about "Chem xxx and Moodle" and then complete the "Moodle user policy quiz" (8 simple questions). Once you have completed the user policy with a perfect score, the "Organic Structure Drawing Tool 101" will be available. You should work through that exercise that helps you learn how to use the molecular drawing tool.

We will be using Moodle to run your organic chemistry assignments that count towards your course grade and to provide some practice materials (e.g. self assessments).

Once you have your UofC IT account, if you have problems getting in to Moodle, enrolling in your course, or with your Moodle account, then email Dr. Hunt (please make sure you give your full name, UofC id number and course details in the email message) and await a reply.

If you have problems or concerns about course specific practice materials, assignments or grades, then those concerns need to be directed to your course coordinator.

Click on the Moodle logo to get to the LOG-IN page

Uof C science moodle