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Aldehyde and Ketone Questions
Qu1: Arrange the following in order of relative reactivity towards nucleophilic addition : 
(a) (CH3)2C=O (b) CH3CHO (c) H2C=O
Qu 2: What are the major products of reaction of each of the following with (i) propanal and (ii) propanone ?
(a) LiAlH4 / THF then acidic workup (b) PhMgBr then acidic workup
(c) 1,2-ethanediol, H+, heat (d) 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine
(e) Ph3PCHCH3 (f) NH2OH
Qu 3: Each of the following primary amine derivatives has more than one heteratom, yet only one product is observed. 
Rationalise the nucleophilic atom in each case :
hydroxyl amine, NH2OH     semicarbazide, NH2NHCONH2
Qu 4: How can 1-bromopropane be used to prepare each of the following ?
(a) ethanal (b) propanone
(c) propanal (d) 2-butanone
(e) pentanal
Qu 5:  Design efficient synthesis of the following from cyclohexanol:

Answers ?

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