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Ester Enolate Questions
Qu1: How many α-hydrogens are there in each of the following ester systems ?
(a) ethyl ethanoate (b) methyl ethanoate (c) methyl methanoate
(d) ethyl benzoate (e) diethyl propanedioate
Qu 2: What are the major products of the reactions when each of the following esters are treated with sodium ethoxide ?
(a) Ethyl ethanoate
(b) Methyl benzoate
(c) Ethyl propanoate
(d) Diethyl hexanedioate
(e) Diethyl heptanedioate
(f) Ethyl 5-oxohexanoate
Qu 3: What are the major products of the following reaction sequences ?
Qu 4: How would you prepare diethyl hexanedioate from cyclohexene ?
Qu 5: How would you prepare ethyl acetoacetate (ie. ethyl 3-oxobutanoate) ?
Qu 6: How would you prepare diethyl malonate from malonic acid ?

Answers ?

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