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Organometallic Questions
Qu 1: Which of the following are organometallic reagents ?
(a) CH3CH2ONa (b) CH3CH2Li
(c) CH3CH2BH2 (d) (CH3CH2)2Zn
(e) CH3CH2MgBr (f)  CH3C≡CNa
Qu 2: Which of the following "pictures" best represents the polarity of organometallic compounds ?
(a) R M (b) R+ M- (c) R- M+
Qu 3: Arrange the following in order of basicity, most basic to least basic.
CH3CH2O-, CH3CH2-,  CH2=CH-, CH3C≡C-, CH3CH2OH
Qu 4: What are the main products of the reaction of each of the following with ethyl magnesium bromide followed by a regular acidic work-up ?
(a) CH3CH2CHO (b) C6H5CHO (benzaldehyde)
(c) CH3COCH3 (propanone) (d)  D2O
(e) C6H5CO2CH3 (f)  C6H5CO2H
(g) CH3CH2OH (h)  CH3CH2Br
Qu 5: How would you prepare diphenyl lithium cuprate ?
Qu 6: Which of the following reagents is best suited to preparing 1-phenylbutane from 1-bromobutane ?
(a) C6H5Li (b) C6H5MgI (c) (C6H5)2LiCu (d) (C6H5)2Zn
Qu 7: Try using retrosynthesis to plan an efficient synthesis based on Grignard reactions for the following from bromobenzene and any necessary organic or inorganic reagents.
(a)  1-phenylethanol (b)  diphenylmethanol
(c)  benzyl bromide (d)  2-phenylpropene

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