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Carboxylic Acid Questions
Qu1: Arrange the following in order of (i) increasing acidity, (ii) increasing pKa :
(a) CH3CO2H (b)  CCl3CO2H
(c) CH3CH2OH (d)  CH3CH2SH
Qu 2: What would be the major products of the reactions of (i) butanoic acid and (ii) benzoic acid with each of the following:
(a) SOCl2, Et3N (b)  LiAlH4 / THF then acidic work-up
(c) (CH3)2CHOH / H+ / heat (d)  NaOH
Qu 3: How could you use 1-bromobutane to prepare each of the following carboxylic acids ?
(a) propanoic acid (b) butanoic acid
(c) pentanoic acid (d) hexanoic acid

Answers ?

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