Research Projects


FirewaterFuel Corp.

In a joint effort with Professor Curtis Berlinguette, we are are working with FireWaterFuel to design and commercialize a novel family of

highly-efficient water-splitting catalysts.



Our experimental capabilities include (as the lab gets setup):


• Air-free synthesis apparatus (M-Braum glovebox, Schlenk line)

• Cary UV-vis NIR spectrophotometer

• PTI NIR spectrofluorometer

• Annealing furnaces

• Solvothermal synthesis capabilities

• SQUID magnetometer (Quanum Design MPMS XL-7 Evercool)

• Photoelectrochemical characterization


Additionally, we have access to the Universtiy of Calgary’s Microscopy & Imaging Facility for electron and scanning probe microscopy, as well as the

Advanced Micro/Nanosystems Integration Facility (Schulich School of Engineering) cleanroom.