Research Team

Graduate Students


Ken Sun

MSc Candidate (joint with D Cramb)

Magnetic & luminescent metal oxide nanostructures








Armando J. Marenco,

PhD Candidate (joint with D Pedersen, DRDC CFB Suffield)

Magnetism in coinage metals



Luvdeep Bhandari,

MSc Candidate (joint with CP Berlinguette)

Water-splitting catalysts




Raphael Dong

PhD Candidate

Magnetism near gold surfaces







Jennifer S. Emara,

MSc Candidate (joint with CP Berlinguette)

Highly efficient heterogeneous water-splitting catalysts


Postdoctoral Fellows


Stephanie A. Moore

Ph.D., University of British Columbia

Highly efficient heterogeneous catalysts







Derek J. Wasylenko

Ph.D., University of Calgary

Highly efficient heterogeneous






Undergraduate Students


Luis Huerta Hernandez (MITACS Globalinks)     Heusler nanostructures

Jachym Slaby (CHEM 502)     Solvothermal synthesis of hematite photoanodes

Casey Platnich



(Former group members: keep in touch! forward more recent information)


Lana Huynh (2013-2014, CHEM 502, now at Nova Chemicals)

Alejandra Bueno (2013-2014, TASSEP student)

Dr. S. Yao (2012-2013, PDF)

Dr. P.G. Bomben (2012-2013, PDF, now at FireWater Fuel)

Dr. Cuijuan Zhang (2012-2013, PDF, now in Birss group)

Arthur C. Pinon (2013 Intern from Université de Lyon)

Priyank Shyam (2013, MITACS Globalinks)

Randal Fagan (2012-2013, Technician)

Barobira Sporinova (2012, Technician)

Mathieu Prévot (2011, now Graduate Student at EPFL)

Dr. J.C. Boyer (2012, Post-Doc, now at Senior Scientist at Authentix)

Beatriz Molero Sanchez (2011-2012, now Graduate Student at UofC)

Jack Siu (2010-2011)

Dr. Zhipan Zhang (2011, Post-doc, now Associate Professor at Beijing Institute of Technology)

Andrew Bellavie (2011, Summer student)

Stephanie N. Bonvicini (2011-2012, Summer student, now Graduate Student at UVic)

Randall Squires (2011, Summer student, PURE Scholarship, now Graduate Student at UofC)

Stephen Zielke (2010, Summer student, PURE & USRP Scholarships)

Madison Aquin (2010, Summer student)